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Hexagon M

Hexagon M

Excluding Sales Tax

• The hexagon is 12.7 cm high, 14.6 cm wide and 7.6 cm deep.
• Requires approximately 1000 ml of epoxy resin



    This mold is tear-resistant and has good tensile strength, flexibility and elasticity. This mold has a long service life and produces razor-sharp products.

    This mold is very resistant to polyester casting resins, polyurethane epoxy and other casting resins and can therefore be used several times.

    All our large molds have built-in support panels. This will prevent the walls of the mold from bending inward while the resin cures, giving you nice straight edges on your casts.

    The mold is highly resistant to heat and has very low shrinkage. The mold can withstand 200℃ for a long time and 300℃ for a short time.

    Unlike HDPE molds, there are no scratches on the surface of the mold.

    All surfaces in the mold are smooth and shiny - sanding and polishing is no longer necessary.


    Keep in mind that a mold always deteriorates over time. There are many factors that determine how quickly a mold breaks down. Here are several things to keep in mind:

    - Slow curing resins put more pressure on molds. For example, an epoxy with a mixing ratio of 2:1 is more aggressive in the mold than, for example, an epoxy with a mixing ratio of 1:1. This is partly due to the heat that is released.

    - Keep in mind that you never touch the edge of the mold with a gas burner (or other source of heat). With a burner, the temperature can quickly rise to 1500℃. This caused the silicone mold to break down and fuse with the epoxy, so that the mold cracks when demoulding. This will damage the mold.

    - Pouring thicker than the recommended depth of the epoxy resin may damage the mold due to the heat of the exothermic reaction. Not only the mold, but your entire piece can be damaged and discolored.

    - If molds are stretched too far, they may suffer permanent damage. Although these are high quality molds, misuse can damage or deteriorate them. While we can help troubleshoot and provide advice, we do not offer returns/exchanges on used items. Please see our policies for more information.

    - If you see anything unusual with your mold upon receipt, please contact us immediately to resolve any issues.


    In case of problems, please contact FS molds within 3 days of receiving your order. Used molds are not eligible for return/exchange. FS molds is not responsible for user errors.

    Follow your resin's specs and instructions to avoid damage to molds. If the mold is delivered defective, it can be returned free of charge. In this case, a return label will be sent to your email address. All returns must be received within 2 weeks of the return label being issued. A refund will be made after the defective mold is received and inspected.


    The molds are handmade in Sleen (Drenthe/The Netherlands). FS Molds strives to ship the order within 18 working days. If this term is exceeded, the customer will be notified.

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